Technologies for distributed computing

Technologies for distributed computing

Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

  • RPC is the fundamental abstraction enabling the execution procedures on clients’ requests.
  • RPC allows extending the concept of a procedure call beyond the boundaries of a process and a single memory address space.
  • The called procedure and calling procedure may be on the same system or they may be on different systems..

Distributed Object Frameworks

  • Extend object-oriented programming systems by allowing objects to be distributed across a heterogeneous network and provide facilities so that they can coherently act as though they were in the same address space.

Web Services

  • Web Services are the prominent technology for implementing SOA systems and applications.
  • They leverage Internet technologies and standards for building distributed systems.
  • Several aspects make Web Services the technology of choice for SOA.
  • First, they allow for interoperability across different platforms and programming languages.
  • Second, they are based on well-known and vendor-independent standards such as HTTP, SOAP, and WSDL.
  • Third, they provide an intuitive and simple way to connect heterogeneous software systems, enabling quick composition of services in a distributed environment.