Service Oriented Architecture model implemented by XML Web Services

SOA Realization (Two ways)

  • XML - SOAP Based Web Services
  • Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a markup language designed as a standard way to encode documents and data
  • SOAP is an acronym for Simple Object Access Protocol. It is an XML-based messaging protocol for exchanging information among computers
  • RESTful Web services

Web service is the terminology used everywhere

Service-Oriented Architecture model implemented by XML Web Services

SOA Model
SOA Model

WSDL – Web Services Description Languages

  • Provides a machine-readable description of how the service can be called, what parameters it expects, and what data structures it returns.
  • Used in combination with SOAP and an XML Schema to provide Web services over the Internet.

UDDI – Universal Description, Discovery and Integration

  • White Pages — address, contact, and known identifiers;
  • Yellow Pages — industrial categorizations based on standard taxonomies;
  • Green Pages — technical information about services exposed by the business.