Computer Organization MCQs PART - 6

Computer Organization MCQs

1. The continue statement is used to transfer the control to the _________ of a statement block in a loop:

    a. End

    b. Beginning

    c. Middle

    d. None of these

2. The ___________ statement is used to transfer the control to the end of statement block in a loop:

    a. Continue

    b. Break

    c. Switch

    d. Goto

3. ________ function is used to transfer  the control to end of a program which uses one argument(  )  and  takes  value  is  zero  for   termination and non-zero for  termination:

    a. Exit( ), normal, abnormal

    b. Break, normal, abnormal

    c. Both a & b

    d. None of these

4. To design a program it requires __________ :

    a. Program specification

    b. Code specification

    c. Instruction specification

    d. Problem specification

5. Testing helps to ensure _________ of the program for use within a system:

    a. Quality, accuracy and except

    b. Quality, accuracy and acceptance

    c. Design, assurance and acceptance

    d. Quality, accuracy and development

6. An unstructured program uses a __________ approach to solve problems:

    a. Linear

    b. Top down

    c. Both a & b

    d. None of these

7. In a complex program, the __________ overlaps:

    a. Branching

    b. Condition

    c. Both a & b

    d. None of these

8. How many structures structured programs are written:

    a. 3

    b. 2

    c. 1

    d. 6

9. following are structured programs written in simple structures:

    a. Sequence

    b. Selection

    c. Iteration

    d. All of these

10. Iteration also called:

    a. Repetition

    b. Straight

    c. Selection

    d. Sequence

11. In _________ instructions are followed one after the other in the preset order in which they appear within program:

    a. Sequence

    b. Selection

    c. Break

    d. Iteration

12. __________ means that one of two alternative sequences of instruction is chosen based on logical condition:

    a. Sequence

    b. Selection

    c. Repetition

    d. None of these

13. __________ is sequence of instructions is executed and repeated any no. of times in loop until logical condition is true:

    a. Iteration

    b. Repetition

    c. Both a & b

    d. None of these

14. A ___________ is a small program tested separately before combining with final program:

    a. Module

    b. Block

    c. selection

    d. none of these

15. __________ uses various symbols to represent function within program and is __________ representation:

    a. Flowchart, pictorial

    b. Algorithm, pictorial

    c. Pictorial, flowchart

    d. None of these

16. _________ Avoid crossing flow lines:

    a. Flowchart

    b. Algorithm

    c. Both a & b

    d. None of these

17. A flow chart is drawn from  top  to  bottom  and __________ :

    a. Right to left

    b. Only right

    c. Left to right

    d. Only left

18. Flowchart that exceed page should be properly linked ________ using  to portions of flowchart on different pages:

    a. Connectors

    b. Interconnections

    c. Connections

    d. None of these

19. _________ is useful to prepare detailed program documentation:

    a. Flowchart

    b. Algorithm

    c. Both a & b

    d. None of these

20. Pseudo means:

    a. Imitation

    b. Imitate

    c. In imitation

    d. None of these

21. Preparing the pseudocode requires __________ time than drawing flowchart:

    a. Less

    b. More

    c. Optimum

    d. None of these

22. There is _________ standard for preparing pseudocode instructions:

    a. No

    b. 4

    c. 2

    d. 6

23. __________ are used to translate high level language instructions to a machine code:

    a. Translators

    b. Interpreters

    c. Compilers

    d. None of these

24. The compiler __________ translate a program code with any syntax error:

    a. Can

    b. Cannot

    c. Without

    d. None of these

25. Before checking the program for errors in translating code into machine language the high level language code is loaded into _________ :

    a. Register

    b. Memory

    c. Data

    d. CPU

26. After compilation of the program ,the operating system of computer activates:

    a. Loader

    b. Linker

    c. Compiler

    d. None of these

27. The linker has utilities needed for __________ within the translated program:

    a. Input

    b. Output

    c. Processing

    d. All of these

28. Flowchart is a __________ representation of an algorithm:

    a. Symbolic

    b. Diagrammatic

    c. Both a & b

    d. None of these

29. In flow chart symbols the ___________ operation represents the direction of flow:

    a. Connector

    b. Looping

    c. Arrows

    d. Decision making

30. Which register is memory pointer:

    a. Program counter

    b. Instruction register

    c. Stack pointer

    d. Source index

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