Components of Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) In Computer Graphics


Components of Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) In Computer Graphics

Components of Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) In Computer Graphics

1) Heating Filament: It is used to heat the cathode.

2) Cathode: It gets heated from the heating filament and emits an electron, which on passing through Focusing and Deflection System strikes the phosphor-coated screen.

3) Control Grid: Control Grid controls the intensity of the electron beam by setting various voltage levels as a negative charge at the control grid repel the electrons. The number of electrons reaching the screen reduces and since the light emitted by the screen depends on the number of electrons striking the screen, so we can control the brightness of the screen.

4) Focusing Anode: Focusing. The anode is required to converge the electrons together as a beam, as they are negative charge, they will repel each other.

5) Accelerating Anode: Accelerating Anode is a positively charged plate and is used to accelerate the speed of the electron beam towards the screen.

6) Deflection Plates: Deflection Plates are used to locate the electron beam to a particular point on the screen. There are 2 Deflection Plates: Horizontal and Vertical Deflection plates and both are at 90° to each other. Horizontal Plates control the vertical deflection and Vertical Plates contain the horizontal deflection. The Deflection Plates can also be generated with the help of the magnetic field. 

7) Phosphor Coated Screen: It is glass-coated with a positively charged material made up of Zn and Cadmium.