BCA 2nd YEAR 2016 C++ PROGRAMMING Last & Previous Year Question

BCA 2nd Year C++ PROGRAMMING Previous Question Paper

C++ PROGRAMMING Question Paper

C++ PROGRAMMING Question Paper


BCA 2nd Year 2016 C++ PROGRAMMING Find and Download Previous Year Papers, 2018 Question Paper We provide Question Papers for exams absolutely Free.

Part-A 10 x 1 = 10

Q.1 Differentiate between objects and classes.
Q.2 Give the use of the scope resolution operator.
Q.3 What is namespace?
Q.4 What is late binding?
Q.5 Give any five functions used for file processing.
Q.6 Why can't the friend function be used to overload the assignment operator?
Q.7 What is the virtual class?
Q.8 What is an abstract class?
Q.9 What are templates?
Q.10 What is parameterized, constructor?

Part-B 5 x 2 = 10

Q.11 Differentiate between procedural and OO programming languages.
Q.12 What is operator overloading?
Q.13 Define Dynamic memory allocation.
Q.14 What is base and derived classes?
Q.15 What is an inline function? Write its limitation.

Part-C 10 x 3 = 30

Q.16 What is an object-oriented programming concept? Explain characteristics of object-oriented programming languages.
Q.16 What is polymorphism? Explain different types of polymorphism with examples.

Q.17 What is inheritance? Explain types of inheritance with suitable examples.
Q.17 What is exception handling? Write a program to add two (2) integers and raise exceptions when any other character except number (0 – 9) is given as input.

Q.18 What is copy constructor? Write a C++ program to create a class called copy_string using copy constructor and implement the following operations
(a) STRING S1 = “AMIT”
(b) STRING S2 = “ KUMAR”
(c) STRING S3 = S1 + S2
Q.18 Explain the following:
(a) Multilevel and Multipath inheritance
(b) Data types in C++ languages
(c) Use of pointers C++
(d) Container classes