BCA 2nd Year 2014 Database Management System Question Paper

BCA 2nd YEAR DBMS Last & Previous Year Question

BCA 2nd YEAR DBMS Last & Previous Year Question



Part-A 10 x 1 = 10

1. What is a record ?
2. Define data abstraction.
3. What is a data dictionary.
4. What is a primary key.
5. What do you understand by data redundency.
6. What is data integrity.
7 Define normalization.
8. How do you add a record in fox pro ?
9. Discuss the usage of SEEK command in fox pro.
10. What is sorting ?

Part-B 5 x 2 = 10

11. What are the advantages of DBMS approach ?
12. Discuss the various views of data.
13. Draw an ER diagram for your college database.
14. What is the role of DML ?
15. How do you create a database structure with fox pro.

Part-C 10 x 3 = 30

16 What is the role and responsibilities of a DBA ? (Data Base Administrator)
Discuss the architecture of a DBMS. Hence elaborate logical and physical data independence.
17. A What is the purpose of integrity constraints ? What is the role of primary key constraint, unique constraint and foreign key constraint ? Illustrate using a database example.
Present an overview of chierarchial, network and relational model. What are the advantages of using relational model.
18. Write short notes on any four (4) of following.
(a) Super and candidate keys.
(b) Database schema
(c) Functional Dependency.
(d) DKNE.
(e) Data Definition Language.
(f) Compound index files.
(g) Metadata.
(h) Serializability.