BCA 2nd YEAR 2013 C++ PROGRAMMING Previous Year Question Papers

BCA 2nd Year C++ PROGRAMMING Previous Question Paper

C++ PROGRAMMING Question Paper

C++ PROGRAMMING Question Paper


BCA 2nd Year 2013 C++ PROGRAMMING Last & Previous Year Question & also you can download this Question Paper. We provide Question Papers for exams absolutely Free

Part-A 10 x 1 = 10

1. How is OOP implemented in C++?
2. What is an abstract class?
3. What is a preprocessor directive?
4. Why the main function is special in C+?
5. What is the scope resolution operator?
6. How are binary files different from that files in C++?
7. What is type casting in C++?
8. Differentiate between a template class and a class template?
9. How can we initialize a pointer to a function?
10. What do you mean by inline function?

Part-B 5 x 2 = 10

11 What are run time errors, logical errors, and syntax errors?
12 What are the major difference between OO programming and procedural programming?
13 What are virtual classes and friend classes? What is its significance?
14 What is dynamic binding? Explain with a suitable example.
15 What is a stream? Name the streams generally used for file I/O (input/output).

Part-C 10 x 3 = 30

16 What are the basic concepts of object-oriented programming and also explain its advantages?
Describe the concept of the pointer in C++. How it is different from a pointer in C?
17 What is meant by inheritance in OOP and how many types of inheritance are available in OOPs.
Differentiate operator overloading and function overloading with suitable examples.
18 Explain the concept of file handling. How do you open and close a file in C++? (write a code)
Write short note on :
(i)   Structure and Union
(ii)  Method overloading and method overriding
(iii) Friend function
(iv) Constructor and deconstructor.