BCA 2nd - JAVA PROGRAMMING previous year question 2012

BCA 2nd YEAR JAVA PROGRAMMING Last & Previous Year Question

BCA 2nd YEAR JAVA PROGRAMMING Last & Previous Year Question



Part-A 10 x 1 = 10

1. How CLASS PATH is set for packages?
2. How inheritance is implemented by interface?
3. What is the role of finally?
4. What are limitations of applet?
5. How object reference is different from actual object?
6. Define instance of operator.
7. Define relational operators and Boolean logic operators.
8. What is the difference b/w type conversion and type casting in Java .
9. Define ODBC.
10. What is JVM?

Part-B 5 x 2 = 10

11. Differentiate between use of 'throw' and ‘throws'.
12. A class declared in a package have following form:
class sample in pack
    int mem-1;
    public int mem-2;
    protected int mem–3;
    private int mem-4;
Explain how these members are accessed from a class outside this package.
13. What is CGI? Explain the structure of CGI.
14. Give difference between distributed and non-distributed Java programs.
15. How can you implement an array in Java, whose size may change during execution of a program?

Part-C 10 x 3 = 30

16. Briefly explain :
(i) Thread synchronization
(ii) Thread execution
Write a detail note on byte streams and character streams in Java.
17. Explain paint methods to draw rectangles, round rectangle and arcs. Give details of each parameter used in these methods.
Write a code for an applet to generate a bar-chart for given data in one dimensional array of size 5.
18. Write a program in Java first by using the string class and then by using the peer class of string class i.e. string buffer class and thus show the differences between them.