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BCA 2nd 2012 - COMMUNICATION SKILLS previous year question

BCA 2nd YEAR COMMUNICATION SKILLS Last & Previous Year Question

BCA 2nd YEAR COMMUNICATION SKILLS Last & Previous Year Question



Part-A 10 x 1 = 10

1.(i) What do you understand by the term Communication'?

(ii) Define the term ‘Formal Communication'.

(iii) What is Report Writing? Mention the names of various types of reports.

(iv) Write the names of various parts of a business letter.

(v) What do you mean by Minutes Writing?

(vi) What are the salient features of a good report?

(vii) Define Agenda writing.

(viii) Mention important characteristics of Minutes writing.

(ix) How and why are notices written?

(x)What is the purpose of circulars?

Part-B 5 x 2 = 10

2. Mention any three points you will keep in mind while preparing your Curriculum Vitae.

3. State the difference between Oral and Written Communication.

4. How can you make a business letter effective? Explain.

5. Differentiate between formal report and informal report.

6. What is the importance of effective communication?

Part-C 10 x 3 = 30

7. Elaborate the different barriers to effective communication and also explain how can these barriers be overcome?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of written communication? Elucidate.

8. Write an application for the post of Sales Manager in a reputed washing powder company and also prepare your resume for the same. [Do not give any real information].


What is Resume Writing? What are the major points that should essentially be incorporated in Resume Writing?

9. Write a lucid report on the students' activities during the cultural festival celebrated in your esteemed college.


Prepare a notice for the schedule of sports week in your college.