PL/SQL Literals

PL/SQL Literals

 A literal is a numeric value or a character string used to represent itself, The various literals are listed as:

1) Numeric Literal: These can be either integers or fleats. If a float is being represented, then the integer part must be separated from the float part by a period.

For example, 25 6.34, 7g2, 25e-03, .1, 1., 1.e4, +17, -5 2)

2) String Literal: These are represented by one or more legal characters and must be enclosed within single quotes. You can represent the single quote character itself, in a string literal by writing it twice. This will not be the same as a double quote.

For example, 'Hello World', 'Do not go without saving your work'.

3) Character Literal: These are string literals consisting of single characters.

For example, 'A', 'V'

4) Logical (Boolean) Literal: These are predetermined constants. The values it can take are: TRUE, FALSE. NULL.