Intra-Query Parallelism - Advantage


Intra-Query Parallelism

intra-query parallelism refers to the simultaneous processing of parts of a single query, using either intra-partition parallelism, inter-partition parallelism or both. 

To speed up execution of a large, complex query, one could first deconstruct it into smaller problems and execute them concurrently (in parallel) by assigning each sub-problem to its own CPU. This is called intra-query parallelism. Decision Support Systems (DSS) need this kind of capability. Data warehousing applications also often require it, since they deal with huge data sets involving data capture, analysis and summaries. 

intra-query parallelism refers to the execution of a single query in parallel on multiple processors and disks. Using intra-query parallelism is important for speeding up long-running queries. 

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Advantages of Intra-Query Parallelism 

1) To speed up a single complex long running queries. 

2) Best suited for complex scientific calculations (queries). 

3) It is useful in decision support application.