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Comparison of Distributed and Centralised Databases

The difference between distributed and centralised databases:

Comparison between Centralised and Distributed Databases

Centralised Database

  • Centralised systems are easy to maintain as there is only a single point of failure.
  • Centralised can be highly unstable.
  • Low scalability
  • Centralized systems can be created really fast; one picks up a framework and applies it everywhere.
  • Since centralized systems follow a single framework, they don't have diversity and evolve slowly

Distributed Database

  • Distributed systems are the most difficult to maintain.
  • Distributed systems are ye stable and a single failure doesn't do much harm.
  • Infinite scalability
  • For distributed, one has to first work out the lower level details like resource sharing (trade) and communications (transport).
  • But for Distributed systems, once the basic infrastructure is in place, evolution is tremendous.