Questions Object Oriented Database Management System


 Very Short Answer Type Questions

1) Define object oriented database.

2) What is OODBMS?

3) Define the object oriented languages.

4) What is object relational database?

5) Define inheritance.

Short Answer Type Questions

1) What are the object oriented data models?

2) Give the difference between RDBMS and OODBMS.

3) Describe briefly about the various types of the object oriented languages.

4) Write the features of OODBMS.

5) Discuss briefly how object databases can be stored in object relational databases.

6) Write a short note on complex type systems.

Long Answer Type Questions

1) Explain about persistent programming languages. Also give its drawbacks.

2) Discuss about the nested relations. Explain how nested tables can be defined, values can be inserted in table and the queries related to the nested tables.

3) Give the concept Of reference type objects.

4) are the two types of complex data types and give the queries related to these complex data types.