Advantages and Disadvantages of object-oriented database management system(OODBMS)



Advantages :

  • OODBMS completely cuts down "impedance-mismatch". a trouble always faced by a custom software development company in a RDBMS.
  • In RDBMS, there was huge Ioss Of time when objects had to be mapped with tables and vice versa. It is completely avoided with OODBMS.
  • In OODBMS. data is specified easily through class hierarchy.
  • In RDBMS. users have to face trouble when identifying the records.They had to ensure that no two records had the Same primary key.OODBMS entirely avoids this aspect because of its unique OID's.
  • Since communication between objects and database is done transparently, there is no need for a query language 10 access data from an Object Oriented Database Management System. But one can still use queries in OODBMS.
  • In OODBMS. a large class can hold several medium-sized classes, which can hold even more medium-sized classes. This intends that OODBMs has the power 'o handle very complex data compared to RDBMS.


  • Lack of Universal Data Model.
  • Lack of Experience.
  • Lack of Standards.
  • Query Optimization compromises Encapsulation.
  • Object Level Locking may impact performance.
  • Complexity.
  • Lack of Support for Views.
  • Lack of Support for Security.

Advantages and Disadvantages of OODBMSS

OODBMS; Advantages & Disadvantages
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