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Diferentiate Title, Sub Title And Text And Explain How Can Use New Slide In Presentation With Change Colors?

Title, subtitle, and text are all elements commonly used in presentations to convey information to the audience. Here are the differences between each:

  • Title: The title is the main heading of a slide and should provide a brief and concise description of the topic or main point of the slide.
  • Subtitle: The subtitle is a secondary heading that provides additional information about the slide's topic or main point.
  • Text: The text is the body of the slide and provides more detailed information about the topic.

When creating a new slide in a presentation with a different color scheme, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the 'New Slide' button in the PowerPoint toolbar. This will create a new slide with a default color scheme.

  2. To change the color scheme of the slide, go to the 'Design' tab in the PowerPoint toolbar.

  3. From the Design tab, select the 'Variants' option to see a list of pre-designed color schemes. You can choose from one of these options or select 'Colors' to create a custom color scheme.

  4. If you choose to create a custom color scheme, select 'Customize Colors' from the Colors menu. This will allow you to choose specific colors for various elements of the slide, such as the background, text, and accent colors.

  5. Once you have selected your desired color scheme, click 'Apply to All Slides' to apply the color scheme to all slides in the presentation.

By following these steps, you can easily create a new slide in a presentation with a customized color scheme that is consistent with the overall design of your presentation.