Cloud Computing Exam Important Questions

What are the security aspects provided with cloud?

Security is one of the major aspects which come with any application and service used by the user. Companies or organizations remain much more concerned with the security provided with the cloud.

There are many levels of security which has to be provided within cloud environment such as: Identity management: it authorizes the application service or hardware component to be used by authorized users. Access control: permissions has to be provided to the users so that they can control the access of other users who are entering the in the cloud environment. Authorization and authentication: provision should be made to allow the authorized and authenticated people only to access and change the applications and data.

What is the difference between traditional datacenters and cloud?

Cloud computing uses the concept of datacenter as it is the datacentre is based on the tradition one so the difference between them are as follows:- Cost of the traditional datacenter is higher, due to heating issues and other hardware/software related issues but this is not the case with the cloud computing infrastructure.- It gets scaled when the demand increases. Most of the cost is being spent on the maintenance being performed on the datacenters, whereas cloud platform requires minimum maintenance and not very expert hand to handle them. 

What are the three cost factors involves in cloud datacenter?

Cloud datacenter doesn't require experts to operate it, but it requires skilled people to see the maintenance, maintain the workloads and to keep the track of the traffic. The labour cost is 6% of the total cost to operate the cloud data center. Powerdistribution and cooling of the datacenter cost 20% of the total cost. Computing cost is at the end and is the highest as it is where lots of resources and installationhas to be done. It costs the maximum left percentage.

How the cloud services are measured?

Cloud computing provides the services to the organizations so they can run their applications and install them on the cloud. Virtualization is used to deploy the cloud computing models as it provides a hidden layer between the user and the physical layer of the system. The cloud services are measured in terms of use. Pay as much as you use that can be on the basis of hours or months or years. Cloud service sallow users to pay for only what they use and according to the demand the charges or the prices gets increased. 

What are the optimizing strategies used in cloud?

To optimize the cost and other resources there is a concept of three-data-centerwhich provides backups in cases of disaster recovery and allows you to keep all thedata intact in the case of any failure within the system. System management can bedone more efficiently by carrying out pre-emptive tasks on the services and theprocesses which are running for the job. Security can be more advanced to allowonly the limited users to access the services.

What are different data types used in cloud computing?

Cloud computing is going all together for a different look as it now includes different data types like emails, contracts, images, blogs, etc. The amount of data increasing day by day and cloud computing is requiring new and efficient data types to store them. For example if you want to save video then you need a data type to save that. Latency requirements are increasing as the demand is increasing. Companies are going for lower latency for many applications.