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What is enterprise information system? and its approach - ERP

What is enterprise information system? 

Enterprise information system is a computing based system. It offers good and high quality of service it also deals with huge amount of data and also supports large organizations. 

Enterprise Information System provides technology bases that allow organizations to integrate and organize their business processes. This system is central to the enterprise/organization so that the information can be common between practical level as well as the management level.

Enterprise wide information system (EWIS) is a system where various computing systems are involved such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), SCM (Supply Chain Management), Knowledge Management System etc. 

Information system support different activities of business such as manufacturing, order processing, inventory, HR management. It also supports external interactions with customer, suppliers and business partners. 

Enterprise Wide Information System is system which allows the company to integrate information about operations. 

1. Enterprise wide information system combined business process operations and information system from all of organizations functional areas. 

2. This system does not store the information on difficult places it provides all information to a central and common for all place. 


1. Custom built approach- In the customization approach business needs our customized or involved in the ERP system. Customization of requirements of organization is done in such a way that gap between organize requirement and ERP package can be fulfilled.

enterprise information system

2. Packaged approach- packaged approach works with minimal organizational change for this approach software is ready for implementation. Implementation of this approach is cost effective also.


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