Explain ERP implementation Approach And Methodology

ERP implementation approach.

An ERP implementation strategy shows how the ERP systems will be installed. Different companies may install the same ERP Software in totally different processes. 

There are several implementation strategies but ost of them can e divided in five basis types: 

a. Big Bang 

b. Phased 

c. Parallel 

d. Process Line 

e. Hybrid

Three pillars- process, people and technology support any ERP implementation.

Three pillars of ERP implementation.

Big Bang Strategy

In this strategy companies prepare a grand plan for their ERP implementation. In this strategy all modules of an ERP system installed at once across the entire organization. This strategy is early implementation and this strategy partially contributes to higher rate of failure.

Phased implementations: 

In this strategy phased implementations one module at a time is implemented in sequential order. This is also known as modular functional, sequential approach. 

Parallel implementation 

this approach keeps both the legacy system (Previous conversional system) and Mew ERP system active simultaneously for a portion of time. The amount of time in which both systems go hand I hand can be one day to several months. 

Process line transition strategy

the process line transition strategy conceptually breaks the implementation strategy to manage parallel business process flows on product lines. 

Hybrid Transition Strategy: 

Hybrid strategy is combination of the phasing, process line, parallel implementation.

ERP implementation Methodology

It can be divided into four phases:- 

Understanding the problem:- 

In this the approach is to understand the type of business and company culture. How can the package fit to the business need or process? This phase is carried out by project team members and decision makers. 

Defining solutions:- 

This is the most important and difficult phase of the ERP project. In this all of the operations of the ERP package to be performed will be defined. In this stage it is also identified the difference between present work process and new work environment which will come often implementing ERP system. 

Getting down to work:

In this phase ERP project Team will follow the following steps:- 

    a. Load the initial data 

    b. Develop, test and place the automation into operation 

    c. Develop interfaces. 

    d. Document the new procedures associated with the system 

    e. Test the new work environment 

    f. Train the end users. 

Going live:- 

Here user will start using the system. Here there is no assurance of success, because practically any problem can occur. 


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