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Advantages of Web-Based Database Systems


Advantages of Web-Based Database Systems

Advantages of Web-Based Database Systems 

1) Save Money: One of the advantages of online database software is that it can save the business money.—When one does not need to buy a software program for business, this could result in major savings overall. In most cases, businesses pay for a software program and then pay a licensing fee for each computer that uses it. Using an online database may prove cheaper, depending on the number of computers one uses. He/she also does not need to invest in servers to store the data at business. 

2) Flexible Use: Another benefit of using an online database program is that it allows businesses to be flexible. The user only pays for the amount of storage that he/she uses. One need not worry about purchasing servers as he/she goes or eliminating them when they are no longer needed. If the business grows or shrinks, one does not need to be concerned about the costs of database management software or servers. 

3) Technical Support: Another advantage of using a Web-based database program is that one can shift the technical support_ burden to someone else. Paying a company for access to an online database includes 

technical support. If the database has problems, one simply contacts the company and the staff handles it. He/she does not need to pay for an information technology professional for this purpose. If one already has an IT department, employees can focus on other things. 

4) Access: Having access to the database at all times from multiple locations is another major advantage of this type of database. With an online database, one could theoretically access the information in the database from any computer. The information is also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means that all employees have access to the same information and can collaborate with one another on projects - regardless of location. This advantage can increase productivity and improve efficiency.