Distributed Data Storage - DDBMS


Distributed Data Storage

Distributed data storage is a network in which a user stores his or her information on a number of peer network nodes.

The user also usually reciprocates and allows users to use his or her computer as a storage node as well. Information may or may not be accessible to other users depending on the design of the network.

Most of the peer-to-peer networks do not have distributed data stores in that the user's data is only available when their node is on the network.

Distributed data stored typically use error detection and correction technique. Some distributed data stores use forward error correction techniques to recover the original file when parts of that file are damaged or unavailable.

Distributed data storage is another of the obvious parts of a P2P network. In essence, each peer represents either generic storage space or is a container for a specific list of items.

Distributed storage technology is a key method to ensure data reliability, which strips data to segments and stores them across distant nodes to overcome localization of the local backup technology. Choosing an optimized policy considering reliability, performance and costs is the key of the distributed data storage.